Anna Paik (born circa 1972 in South Korea) is an English dubbing producer, director and voice actress who plays the voice of Pororo in Season 1 (also reprising that role for the Pororo Little Future Book toy), the voice of Rody in Season 4 and the Tik Tok English set, and the current voice of Loopy and Tu-Tu starting from Season 6 and Singalong NEW 1 and 2, as well as the first 26 episodes of Season 3 of Pororo the Little Penguin.

Her other English dubbing, directing, and voice credits outside of the shown include Shuel in Flowering Heart, the title character in Cocomong, Bubble in Duda and Dada, Helly, Jin and Cleany in Robocar Poli, Tao and Jasmine in Little Wizard Tao, Aida, Pamina, Bertha and Priscilla in Opera House, Ruby in Magic Stone Adventures, Crayon in Colorful Crayons, Dao in Crazy Boom Boom, as well as many other countless roles.

She is also an English author for books for Korean learners who learn English as a second language.

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