Cleaning Trouble
Season 3, Episode 42
Cleaning Trouble
Air date September 22, 2009
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Cleaning Trouble is the forty-second episode of Season 3 from Pororo The Little Penguin.


Nyao was playing with a ball at Petty's house when he accidentally hits Petty's vase with the ball. Feeling sorry about what he did, Nyao decides to clean Petty's house while Petty is out. Unlike his intentions, Nyao ruins Petty's painting and her book while cleaning the house. Pororo and Crong come by and help Nyao clean the rest of the house. They hear Petty coming home when they did not finish cleaning. Will Nyao be able to finish what he started?


  • Pororo
  • Crong
  • Loopy
  • Petty
  • Nyao
  • Eddy (picture cameo)
  • Poby (picture cameo)


  • Eddy and Poby did not appear in this episode, but they made cameos in a picture in Petty's house.


Pororo S3 42 Cleaning Trouble

Pororo S3 42 Cleaning Trouble

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