Crong Seasons 1 and 2


Vital statistics
Title Dinosaur
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur
Status Dead (Suicide)
Location Pororo and Crong's House
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Crong (voiced by Lee Mi-ja in Korean; English voice by Cathy Weseluck and Tunde Skovran (alternating between actors)) is one of the main characters in Pororo the Little Penguin.

Personality Edit

Crong is a little green dinosaur that lives with Pororo. He is discovered one day as an egg, which hatches later and is adopted by Pororo as a little brother. Crong is the youngest of the group. His age is 3 years (4 in Season 3, 5 years old since Season 4). He is usually with Pororo and is constantly getting into trouble. He is also known as the troublemaker.

Appearance Edit

In season 1, he does not speak, but only can say his name, "Crong!" to communicate, but in later seasons he can say Pororo's name and a few basic words. In seasons 3-6, Crong wears a light blue aviator jumpsuit, a red bandana and matching glovers. He likes to play the trumpet.

Bio Edit

Season 1 Edit

Crong was born in a series of "We're friends!" Pororo first thought that Crong is only a monster, but then realizes that Crong is a harmless creature.

Season 2 Edit

In "Crong's First Word" he can speak.

Season 3 Edit

Crong wears red gloves, a matching bandanna, and a light blue jumpsuit.

Season 4 Edit

Crong wears the same season 3 outfit for the second time in this season.