Crong Seasons 1 and 2


"Crong, crong!"
Vital statistics
Title Dinosaur
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur
Status Alive
Location Pororo and Crong's House
Crong (크롱) is the younger brother of Pororo as well as being one of the main characters of Pororo the Penguin.


Crong is the parallel protagonist of the series and the parallel male lead. He is a little spinosaurus that lives with Pororo. Crong is the youngest of the group. He is 3 years old (4 in Season 3, 5 years old in Season 4, 6 in Season 5, 7 in Season 6). He is usually with Pororo and is constantly getting into trouble. In season 1, he does not speak; he can only say his own name ("Crong") to communicate, but he is seen speaking in a time from the second season. In Seasons 3-NEW2, he wears a light blue aviator jumpsuit, red bandana, and matching gloves. In the sing-along series, he likes playing the trumpet (Season 1 and 2, as well as the HD remakes) and electric bass (Season 3 only). He has a crush on Loopy and a tiny bit on Petty.

Crong's Own Language

Crong almost always says only "Crong, Crong", rendering nearly all of his speech unintelligible to the viewer, though the rest of the characters seem to understand him perfectly well and often repeat the meaning so that the audience can comprehend it perfectly. 


Crong is a young spinosaurus who was hatched from an egg Pororo found in the forest. Starting from the 3rd season onward, he wears a blue jumpsuit and a red bandana and gloves.


Season 1

In "We're friends!", Pororo once found him hatched from an egg, and thought he was harmful, but he knew that after he adopted him as a foster brother, he wasn't as harmful, and the two became great friends as well as brothers, although they bicker a lot.

Season 2

Crong looks the same as the previous season, but buffer.

Season 3

He begins to wear a blue jumpsuit and red bandana and gloves from this season on wards.

Voiced By


  • Lee Mi Ja (also for the English voice for Seasons 5-6, English Show)




  • "Crong, Crong!" (several episodes)
  • "Pororo, you!" (Crong's First Word)
  • "Crong, Crong, Crong? [means "What are you doing, adopted brother?!"]" (several episodes)
  • "Crong! Hide-and-seek." [means "Oh, yes! Hide and seek."] (Shhh! It's a secret)
  • "Crong-kubu?" [means "Hula hoop?"] (Petty, You are So Cool)
  • "Pororo sick?" [means "Are you sick, Pororo?"] (Is Pororo sick?)


  • Crong can sometimes be confused as a Komodo dragon, caiman, or monitor lizard, but he is really a spinosaurus.
  • In the Polish dubbing, his name was changed to "Krakus”.
  • His birthday is on June 12.


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