Crong the Troublemaker
Season 1, Episode 10
Crong the Troublemaker
Air date December 26, 2003
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Crong the Troublemaker is the tenth episode of Season 1 from Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

One fine day, Pororo was enjoying his reading on a sofa. Crong joined Pororo, but as soon as he found the book interesting, tried to take the book away from Pororo. Annoyed by Crong's behavior, Pororo kicked Crong out of his house. But when it started to snow outside Pororo began to get worried about Crong and headed out to find him...

Trivia Edit

  • There is another episode from Pororo The Little Penguin that has the same title. It is Season 4 episode.
  • This is the last episode that aired in 2003.

Video Edit

Pororo S1 10 Crong the Troublemaker

Pororo S1 10 Crong the Troublemaker

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