The Daekyo Pororo English Set is a collection of books, videos and 5 audio CDs to help kids learn English.

Storybooks Edit

  • We're Friends
  • Pororo's Surprise Party!
  • I Want to Sleep
  • Cooking Popcorn
  • Kite-flying
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Let's Play Together!
  • Stomach Ache!
  • Be Careful!
  • Crong the Troublemaker
  • Who Touched My Snowman
  • Save Loopy!
  • Can't I Have the Moon?
  • Eddy's Secret
  • Snow Canvas
  • Crong's Christmas
  • A Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Hiccup Cure
  • Eddy the Great Inventor
  • Magnetic Play
  • Train Adventure
  • To Tell the Truth...
  • Eddy Goes to the Moon
  • A Day of Pororo's Town

Videos Edit

The VHSs and DVDs contain the episodes that correspond with each story. The VHSs and DVDs contain 2 episodes each with a "Listen and Repeat" chant to help kids remember each of the stories.

Audio CDs Edit

The 2 audio book CDs contain 12 stories each and has 6 original songs based on the selected stories. The audio books even contained original actors from the episodes.

The singalong CD "Let's Sing With Pororo" contains 30 traditional rhymes for children to sing along to, containing singers' as well as the characters' voices singing the songs that kids have been familiar with. This CD even contains the lyrics booklet to help children learn to sing the songs.

Audio CD Voice Credits Edit

Audio CD Song Composers and Arrangements Edit

  • Kim Dae Hui
  • Chang Jumi
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