Vital statistics
Title Dragon
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Status Alive
Location Dragon's cave
Dragon is minor character of the animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

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1 Season

He makes an appearance in a magic flute as the monster.

2 season Edit

Dragon first appears in the episodes "Secret friend Petty", Petty accidentally lost in the woods, and she found the cave. Once inside, Petty met a dragon. Dragon first wanted to eat like Petty, but it taught him to juggle. Dragon became friends with Petty and also treated her sandwich with strawberry jam. Before Petty went home, Dragon asked them to leave the meeting "secret".

In the series "The Dragon comes to town" Dragon missed about Petty, and decided to fly to visit her. Dragon on the way to her, met Eddy and ask how to get to Petty, but Eddy said in awe the way, and ran away, thinking that he wants to devour her. Dragon came to the house of Petty. Then, Pororo, Crong, Harry, Poby and Eddy wanted to attack them, but afraid of the Dragon, they ran to the edge of the cliff. Friends understand that the Dragon is friends with Petty, and suddenly falls off the edge, and friends have fallen, but they saved this dragon. Then, the Dragon with friends spend the day outside the house Petty. Finally, nasidev Away, Dragon returned to his home.

In the series "Robot cook", friends, tired of persecution Robot cook, gave this robot dragon. Dragon food like Robot cook, Dragon made ​​him juggle.

In a series of "Return of Robot cook" it seems that Robot cook was terrified Dragon. Dragon came to the house of Petty, and there vstrtil friends and the robot. Looks like Dragon wanted to devour the robot, but his mouth got his food, and the Dragon called him "the best cook" and kissed her. Dragon then showed his tricks with hoops.

Dragon is no longer appearing in the animated series. in season 3 he got replaced with TongTong