"Dreams Gone Bad"
Season 5, episode 21
Air date May 5, 2014
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Dreams Gone Bad is the twenty-first episode of Season 5 from Pororo The Little Penguin.


Eddy the fox invents a dream machine that allows you to dream what you want. With confidence, Eddy hands out a machine to each friend, and everyone goes home excited. However, instead of getting the dreams they want, they all get bad dreams. Crong wants a dream where he eats lots of food. Instead, he gets a dream where appears a gigantic-sized food rain. Petty wants a dream where she explores a tropical island. Instead, she gets a dream where she is in a very small island, with nothing but a coconut tree. Loopy wants a dream where she is Sleeping Beauty from the storybook that she reads. Instead, she gets a dream where she is waiting for a very long time and her Prince Charming does not appear. Harry wants a dream where he is bigger, like everyone else and Poby wants a dream where he is able to fly. Instead, Harry gets a dream where not only him that is bigger, but everyone else is also bigger; Poby gets a dream where he was flying only a few inches above ground. And the last dream, Pororo wants a dream where he is Super Pororo. However, he gets a dream where Super Pororo has very bad gadgets and is no able to free Rody, Crong, and Eddy. His sword transformed into a fish and his gun transformed into a bubble machine. In the next morning, everyone gets mad at Eddy. Eddy is the only one having a good sleep because he is the only one who doesn't use the device.


  • Pororo
  • Crong
  • Loopy
  • Eddy
  • Poby
  • Petty
  • Harry
  • Rody
  • The Yeti (dream only)
  • The Yeti's Minions (dream only)


  • Here are all the gang's dreams and nightmares:
    • Crong dreamed about food rain, but the food started getting gigantic.
    • Petty dreamed about exploring, but she then realized she was on a small deserted tropical island.
    • Loopy dreamed about being a princess sleeping and waiting for her prince to come and kiss her awake, but through spring to winter, the prince took long, but when Prince Rody came, he was actually looking for Princess Petty.
    • Harry dreamed about being bigger than Poby, but Pororo and Crong being as big as Tong Tong's real dragon form.
    • Poby dreamed about flying like Harry, but being low.
    • Pororo dreamed about being a superhero again, but having a few problems: he couldn’t fly, his laser sword turned into an anchovy sword, and his ray gun turned into a bubble maker.
    • Eddy is the only one in the gang who didn’t have any dreams, as he didn’t have one of the bracelets on.



Pororo S5 21 Dreams Gone Bad

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