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"We're friends!"






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Eddy (에디) is a major character in the Pororo the Little Penguin franchise and also stars a spin-off called Eddy The Clever Fox, as the main protagonist.


Eddy first appeared in the episode "We're friends", the first episode of Season 1. Eddy is a little fox who is intelligent and is a genius inventor. Sometimes, he can be a show-off. His inventions include robots, trains, cars, flying devices, ships and submersibles among other objects. Often, these inventions go horribly wrong which causes trouble for anyone who gets caught up in his antics. Eddy is good friends with Pororo, but is also his friendly rival. Eddy lives in a hollowed-out tree stump. He has a crush on Loopy and also likes Petty a bit, likes to sabotage the race winning. It was seen here that Eddy seems to be a little naughty fox. He likes playing jokes in his friends.


Eddy is a browned-orange fennec fox with long ears. He has black eyes and a nose of the same color. He has a big white spot in his body. He also has a long tail. In season 3-NEW2, he wears a white shirt with long sleeves under the blue overalls.


Season 1

Eddy is a brown fox. He has a long ears and a long tail. His eyes and nose are black. Like all of his friends, he doesn't wear any clothes. It was seen here that Eddy seems to be a little naughty fox. He likes playing jokes in his friends. Also, it's shown that Eddy likes to invent new things and wants to share it with his friends. Sometimes, his inventions don't go so well. Like in the episode " Eddy the Great Inventor ", Eddy invented a robot. He named it "Robot 1" but it got broken. After that, he made another robot but this time he named it "Robot 2" but like Robot 1, it didn't go well either. Eddy likes giving surprise box making his friends to shout and scared but after what he did, he is asking for forgiveness in his friends. His dream is to go and explore the moon.

Season 2

Eddy's appearance doesn't change from the first season. This season showed that Eddy doesn't know how to swim in the "Learning how to swim". He wants to learn how to swim but he couldn't do it well. He decided to build a swimsuit for him but because of the shark chasing him, he abandoned his swimsuit underwater and scared to go in the water again. It is also known that he has a crush on Petty. Also, in the Season, he successfully went to the moon and explore. He made new friends with 2 aliens after helping him to restore some fuel to got home.

Season 3

In seasons 3-NEW2 , He wears blue overalls and a with long-sleeved-undershirt. In the season, Eddy built a robot named "Rody". Rody was successfully built by Eddy and has appeared in every episode since.

Season 4

In "Transformer Troubles", Eddy wants to sabotage Pororo using his invention.

Voiced by




  • Luke Möh (since Season 1, Pororo the Little Penguin: The Racing Adventure)


  • Emiule Dawrenka (series)


  • Reiko Takagi (Pororo the Little Penguin: The Racing Adventure)



  • Lutz Pfulzen (Season 1 - 3)
  • Erik Ölaschungers (Season 2)
  • Santiago Ziesmer (Season 4 - Present , Pororo the Little Penguin: The Racing Adventure


  • Alona Sozinova, Ol'ga golovanova (The Racing Adventure) - Алёна Созинова, Ольга Голованова (Большие гонки)


  • "Hi! I'm Eddy!" (Ice Fishing)
  • "Pororo! What are you doing?" (We're Friends!)
  • "Pororo! Wait up!!" (We're Friends!)
  • “Why are we stopping?" (Our Summer Island Friends Come Visit)
  • If you ask me, it looks terrible! (Loopy the Nag)
  • "[off tune] ♪ Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit frog, sings so merrily! ♪" (Pororo Singalong; "Ribbit Frog")
  • "♪ If there's a problem, we'll solve it! ♪" (Eddy the Clever Fox spinoff; "Problem Song")



Eddy and Pororo are good friends. They also had some rivalries sometimes, as shown in some episodes. One time, Eddy thinks that Pororo touches his snowman and made a fight with him. One time, Eddy gets revenge on Pororo by making the others think that Pororo is the one who is being mean to them, but they also get along friendly.


Eddy and Crong are good friends. One time, Eddy and Crong teamed up together to compete with Pororo and Rody, and they also are shown to have a little rivalry sometimes, as shown in "Be Careful!"


Loopy and Eddy are good friends. One time, Eddy says that Loopy's cooking is yummy while Loopy says that Eddy is a great inventor. Eddy and Loopy also have a crush on each other.


Poby and Eddy are good friends. One day, Eddy wants to make Poby happy, but he failed and Poby forgave him. Poby also visited his house many times and loved his experiments.


Petty and Eddy are good friends. Eddy also had a crush on Petty and she also admires him. She also says that she loved his inventions.


Harry and Eddy are good friends. One day, Eddy broke Harry's house by accident and rushed home to fix it. Eddy also greeted Harry with a warm welcome when he first arrived.


Rody and Eddy are close friends. Rody also joined the gang on episodes many times and Eddy was always worried when he is injured. Eddy also cried for him when he is about to die. They had a lot of happy times together and they always have a brother relationship.

Tong Tong

Although they are not seen interacting a lot, they don't mind keeping each other company. Tong Tong also gave him a potion to heal him, but it was a dancing potion instead.

Popo and Pipi

Popo and Pipi, along with Eddy are good friends. One time, Eddy fixes their spaceship for them. Another time, they also teamed up with him on Soccer. Eddy also missed them a lot when they went back to Planet Pipo.


Although they are not seen interacting a lot, they don't mind keeping each other company.


  • His favorite songs are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Row Row Row your Boat.
  • In the Polish dubbing of the series, his name was changed to "Rudek".
  • His behavior is similar to that of Caber from Duda And Dada.
  • In the sing-along series, he can play the xylophone and the bass drum (Season 2, "Hahaha Hohoho" only).
  • His name is a reference to the character with its same name from the SkeletonMedia cartoon Monroe.
  • He stars his own spin-off called "Eddy, the Clever Fox."
  • He is similar to Varian from Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure.
  • He is the third character to break the fourth wall. The first two were Pororo and Poby.
  • His best friend is Pororo, and his best female friend and crush is Loopy.
  • Eddy is the second character to team up with Pororo to rescue the other friends.


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