Eddy Seasons 1 and 2


Vital statistics
Title Fox
Gender Boy
Race Fox
Status Alive
Location Eddy's House
Eddy (voiced by Ham Soo-jeong in Korean; English voice by Cristina Milizia (Season 1-2), Kristen Cho (Season 3-5), Melina Bobadilla (since Season 6)) is one of the main characters of Pororo the Little Penguin. He also stars a spin-off called Eddy The Clever Fox.

Personality Edit

Eddy first appeared in the episode "We're friends", the first episode of Season 1. Eddy is a little fox who is intelligent and an genious inventor. His age is 10 (11 in Season 3, 12 years old since Season 4). Sometimes, he can be a show-off. His inventions include robots, trains, cars, flying devices, ships and submersibles among other objects. Often, these inventions go horribly wrong which causes trouble for anyone who gets caught up in his antics. Eddy is good friends with Pororo, but is also his friendly rival. Eddy lives in a hollowed-out tree stump. He has a crush on Loopy and also likes Petty a bit, likes to sabotage the race winning.

Appearance Edit

Eddy is a browned-orange fox with long ears. He has black eyes and a nose of the same color. He has a big white spot in his body. He also has a long tail. In season 3-6, he wears a white shirt with long sleeves under the blue overalls. He likes playing the xylophone, and it is considerated politicament incorrect.

Bio Edit

Season 1 Edit

Eddy is a brown fox. He has a long ears and a long tail. His eyes and nose are black. Like all of his friends, he doesn't wear any clothes. It was seen here that Eddy seems to be a little naughty fox. He likes playing jokes in his friends. Also, it's shown that Eddy likes to invent new things and wants to share it with his friends. Sometimes, his inventions don't go so well. Like in the episode " Eddy the Great Inventor ", Eddy invent a robot. He named it "Robot 1" but it got broken. After that, he made another robot but this time he named it "Robot 2" but like Robot 1, it didn't go well either. Eddy likes giving surprise box making his friends to shout and scared but after what he did, he is asking for forgiveness in his friends. His dream is to go and explore the moon.

Season 2 Edit

Eddy's appearance doesn't change from the first season. This season showed that Eddy doesn't know how to swim in the "Learning how to swim". He wants to learn how to swim but he couldn't do it well. He decided to build a swimsuit for him but because of the shark chasing him, he abandoned his swimsuit underwater and scared to go in the water again. It is also known that he has a crush on Petty. Also, in the Season, he successfully went to the moon and explore. He made new friends with 2 aliens after helping him to restore some fuel to got home.

Season 3 Edit

In seasons 3-6 , He wears a white shirt with long sleeves under the blue overalls. In the season, Eddy built a robot named "Rody". Rody was successfully build by Eddy and invited the children in the episodes.

Season 4 Edit

Same Season 3 outfit for second time in this season.In Transformer troubles, Eddy wants to sabotage Pororo using his invention