Everything looks amazing
Season 3, Episode 2
Everything looks amazing
Air date May 5, 2009
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Everything looks amazing is the second episode of Season 3 from Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Popo and Pipi who crash landed in Pororo's village find Loopy's house empty and enter it while the others are out. While waiting, Popo and Pipi are fixing the Ship. Popo pushes the button and the Ship powers up and it didn't work. Pipi tries it and she pushes the button and the Ship explodes. Pipi hears Popo's stomach growling and she tells him to go to Loopy's house. Popro and Pipi find something interesting. Loopy's paint brush. Popo observes the paint brush carefully but ends up putting it into his mouth. Surprised at the weird taste, he bursts out paint on to Pipi's face. Angry Pipi chases after Popo and Popo runs away. They knock down Loopy's table, flower shelf and the wall is stained with paint… Right then, Pororo and his friends come home! Soon, the friends clean up the mess until, Popo found something amazing, a sprayer! Popo sprays Poby and Eddy and everything looks amazing!

Video Edit

Pororo S3 02 Everything looks amazing

Pororo S3 02 Everything looks amazing

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