Flying Poby
Season 3, Episode 20
Flying Poby
Air date July 7, 2009
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Flying Poby — twentieth episode of the third season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Everyone is playing rock-scissors-paper in front of Pororo's house. Tong-Tong comes from the sky to see them. Poby says that he is envious of Tong-Tong's ability to fly. Tong-Tong uses his magic to make Poby fly. Kurikuri Tongtongtong! Kurikuri Tongtongtong! Change! On Tongtong magic Poby's body rises and starts floating in air. But before Poby is happy about the fact he is flying, Tong-Tong says that he doesn't know the magic to put Poby down. Poby grabs on to a branch and asks Tong-Tong to undo his magic. Tong-Tong uses magic again. But instead of going down, Poby's body turns larger and flies high into the sky.

Other Media Edit

There is a game in where a player has to click on Poby to make him fart.

There is an application for Android about Pororo (but only in Korean language) with 7 games. Each game consists of several mini-games and is about a "Pororo The Little Penguin" episode, one of them is about this episode. The game (about this episode) consists of 3 mini-games: a sticker game, a tap game, and a coloring game.

Video Edit

Pororo S3 20 Flying Poby

Pororo S3 20 Flying Poby