Good Crong, Bad Crong
Season 2, Episode 42
Good Crong, Bad Crong
Air date April 23, 2006
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Good Crong, Bad Crong — forty-second episode of the second seasons of the animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Loopy's having a party at her house and Pororo is trying to make some bread to take with him. Crong, on the other hand, is only looking for a chance to eat the bread. Pororo gives the bread to Crong and sends him to Loopy's house first. Crong gets confused when bad Crong tempts him to eat the bread and when good Crong tells him to share it with his friends. Will Crong eat the bread first?

Video Edit

Pororo S2 42 Good Crong, Bad Crong

Pororo S2 42 Good Crong, Bad Crong