Harry and Summer Island
Season 4, Episode 13
Air date April 11, 2012
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Harry and Summer Island — thirteenth episode of the fourth season animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Poby loves fishing. Even the cold doesn’t stop him from leaving the house to go fishing. Harry can’t stand the cold weather, so he stays home. Poby feels bad for leaving Harry behind and goes back home to play with Harry. Poby went to Pororo's house. He tells Pororo and Crong that Harry is cold. It isn’t as cold the next day, so both Poby and Harry decide to to go fishing, but they suddenly get caught in a storm. The wave takes them to Summer Island where Harry falls in love with the warm weather. He wants to live there forever, but Poby wants to return to Porong Porong Island. They check to see the boat's okay. Poby tells Harry that the boat is fine. Poby and Harry's stomachs began to grumble until they find something to eat in the forest. Harry smells the necture and they saw monkeys. In the end, Harry and Poby decide to go their separate ways.


Pororo S4 13 Harry and Summer Island

Pororo S4 13 Harry and Summer Island

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