Season 1, Episode 21
Air date February 5, 2004
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Kite-flying is the twenty-first episode of Season 1 in Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Pororo, Eddy, and Poby go out to fly kites they each made for themselves. As they flied their own kites, they started a game on whose kite flew higher and was better. Eddy, who is most competitive, made the largest kite and flew it. Eddy's kite flew high up in the sky and took Eddy along with it. Pororo and friends try to catch Eddy, but what will happen next?

Video Edit

Pororo S1 21 Kite-flying

Pororo S1 21 Kite-flying

Pororo Eddy And Poby Go out To Fly a Kite From Little Enstains Kite