Little Snowman (Korean: 꼬마 눈사람) is a traditional song about how a child has fun building a snowman in the winter. It is one of Harry's favorite songs.

Episodes Used Edit

Episode Season Who Sings It? Notes
The Biggest Snowman 2 Harry 2 lines of song
You are not alone! 2 Harry A part of the whole song

In total, it has been sung twice in the series.

Lyrics Edit

Season 2 Edit

A straw hat in the middle of my little snowman.
Funny face and a crooked nose.
I'll show you what you look like, little snowman friend!

Season 2 (HD) version (to-be-released) Edit

Little snowman wears a straw hat in the winter time.
His eyebrows look so funny; the nose is pointed too.
I'll show you what you look like, little snowman friend!

Korean Lyrics Edit

Korean Lyrics Korean Romanization English Translation

한겨울에 밀짚 모자 꼬마 눈사람
눈썹이 우습구나 코도 삐뚤고
거울을 보여 줄까 꼬마 눈사람

Han-gyeo ul-e mil-jib mo-ja ggo-ma noon-saram
Noon sseob-ee oo-seub gu-nah ko-do ppi-ddul-go
Gyeo-ul-eul bo-yeo chul-gga ggo-ma noon-saram

In the winter, my little snowman wears a straw hat
Funny face, crooked nose
I will show you what's winter like, little snowman

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