"Hi, I’m Petty, nice to meet you all!" - Petty, introducing the others in "Hello, Friends".


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"Hello, Friends"






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Petty (패티) is one of the two deuteragonists (along with Crong) of Pororo the Little Penguin franchise. She joins Pororo and his friends in Season 2, debuting in Hello, Friends.

She is one of the two characters who debuted in Season 2, along with Harry, and is not a tomboy, despite the fact she is a bit tomboyish.


Petty is the parallel female lead of the series who is a little penguin and Pororo's best friend (apart from Crong) who wears a violet hood and cap. She is the same age and species, just like Pororo's. The boys are shown to have a crush on her, but she seems oblivious to it, but she admires Pororo and comes to like him more than a 'friend'. Pororo often finds himself dumbfounded when she comes around. Petty is shown to be a little tomboyish, is a terrible cook but excels in sports and sewing clothes, and is afraid of spiders. Petty lives in a cabin who her friends tried to build it. She has a crush on Pororo and admires Eddy.


Petty is a blue Adélie penguin with white skin. She wears a pink knit hat and matching gloves in season 2. She wears a purple short-sleeved dress and a round hairband starting with Season 3. And on the futch scale, she is butchy femme.


Season 2

In the episode "Hello, Friends", Pororo is with his friends playing hide and seek, and during the game, before Pororo got caught, Pororo and Petty met, then she meets her friends. Loopy takes Petty to her house, and Loopy gives Petty something to eat. Then the friends find out that Petty is super fast, is the best at sports, is nimble, and afraid of spiders.

Season 3

She has a purple snow dress and a matching circle-shaped-hairband with a white pompom.

Season 5

Everyone finds out that Petty is very brave and she has a chance of proving it when Pororo asks her to go into a really dark and deep cave. In the episode "Petty's Presents", we find out that she can sew clothes very well.

Season 6

In "Petty and Harry's Special Cake", Petty competes with Harry to see whose cake is the best. In "Petty the Great Storyteller", she tells the story of "Pororo and the Invitation to the Ball" to help her and Loopy get out of the snow monster's cave.

Season 2 (HD)

Nothing much of her design changes since then. She will be fully clothed in her Season 3 design for this season, as well as the rest of the characters, starting with “A New Friend Comes To Town”.

Voiced by




  • Tasya Kamila


Latin Spanish


  • Елена Чебатуркина (4-5 season)


  • "Hi, I’m Petty, nice to meet you all!" (Hello, Friends)
  • "[giggles] That's very nice of you." (Hello, Friends)
  • "What's wrong? Is something there?" (Hello, Friends)
  • "Then we should go to them. I want to see their house, too." (Petty's House)
  • "You mean, my house? It's BEAUTIFUL!" (Petty's House)
  • "No. Why are you looking for Crong?" (Who Did This?)
  • "Ha ha ha! Woo-hoo!!!" (Loopy and Petty)
  • "Loopy!! It's your turn!!" (Loopy and Petty)
  • "♪ If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. (Yeah!) ♪" (Loopy the Magician [UK version])
  • "If you practice a bit more, you'll be fine." (Petty's Secret Friend)
  • "What are you so happy about?" (Cooking Trouble)
  • "Wow!" (various episodes)
  • "Huh? What's the matter?" (worried, some season 2 episodes)
  • “There was nothing fun about it! It was a really really dangerous trip!” (“Watch out, Eddy!”)



Petty and Pororo have a lot in common. They are the same age and species. Petty is also Pororo's female best friend. He also has a crush on her. Petty is also his 'Dancing Partner' in the Dance Festival with the dance "Freeze in your Position" (Pororo Singalong). In the third season, Loopy tells a tale about Pororo will marry Loopy, but Pororo denied and replies with "But I want to marry beautiful Princess Petty!".


Petty and Crong are good friends. One time, she says that Crong's snowman is cute. He also has a little crush on her.


When they first met, Loopy was jealous of her because of her beauty and Pororo and Eddy also had a crush on her. She is sometimes jealous when Pororo says that he likes her. But now, they are close friends.


Petty and Eddy are good friends. Eddy also had a crush on Petty and she also admires him. She also says that she loved his inventions.


Petty and Poby are good friends. When Petty first came to Porong Porong Forest, Poby greeted her and also had a crush on Petty. Petty also says that Poby is good at fishing while Petty is good at sports.


Harry and Petty are good friends. Harry loves Petty's speed and Petty loves Harry's music. He had an argument with Petty about her making a cake, and Petty challenged him to make a cake as well. But they both had a hard time, and Petty and Harry worked together to make a cake. When they got to Loopy's house, everyone liked they cake.


Although they are not seen interacting a lot, they don't mind keeping each other company. 

Tong Tong

Tong Tong and Petty are good friends. One time, he gave Nyao for Petty because Nyao likes her.

Popo and Pipi

Although they are not seen interacting a lot, they don't mind keeping each other company.

Tu Tu

Although they are not seen interacting a lot, they don't mind keeping each other company. 


  • Petty has had a confirmed 3-some with Crong and Pororo.
  • She is the only female character to be introduced in Season 2.
  • Her favorite songs are 10 Little Indians (mentioned in Loopy the Magician) and If You’re Happy and You Know It.
  • She is sometimes misspelled as "Patty", but it is really spelled "Petty".
  • When voiced by Bommie Han for Season 2, she sounds very much like Aromi from Cocomong, Hannah from Pom Pom Friends, Dada from Duda and Dada, or Alloo from Alloo’s Little World.
  • Her behavior is very similar to that of Hannah from Pom Pom Friends.
  • In the sing-along series, she can play the violin (Season 1 and 2 as well as the HD remakes, most episodes), the flute (Season 2, "Hahaha Hohoho" only), acoustic guitar (Season 2, "Our Parents Do Not Know" only), and the maracas (Season 3 only).
  • When voiced by Samantha Kim Daniel for the first 26 episodes of Season 3, as well as for Seasons 4 and 5, she sounds like a voice mix of Cobbit from Sealoo and Friends and Loopy's New 1 (Season 1 (HD)) voice, but a bit less squeakier and more cheerful.
  • When voiced by Jacqueline Youn in Singalong NEW 1 and 2, her voice is more cheerful and livelier than the predecessors.
  • Her birthday is on October 21.
  • She is similar to An Yu from PJ Masks.
  • She is the opposite of Loopy; however, they are still best friends.
    • Although Petty is good at sports, she is a terrible cook.
    • Although Loopy is good at cooking, she is bad at sports.
  • It is revealed that she has Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) in “Petty, you are so cool!”.
  • She is the second female character to appear in the show.
  • Her best friend is Loopy, while her best male friend and crush is Pororo.
  • Petty is the third main character to team up with Pororo to rescue their friends. The first 2 are Crong and Eddy.


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