Petty likes me the most
Season 2, Episode 36
Petty likes me the most
Air date April 2, 2006
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Petty likes me the most — thirty-sixth episode of the second season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Everyone gathers at Eddy's house. Poby confesses to his friends that he thinks Petty likes him. However, everyone else says the same thing, but variously. Apparently, Petty claimed that Poby that he's the king of fishing, complimented to Eddy that he's a genius inventor, told Crong that he was cute, and took care of Pororo while he was injured.They decide to go to Petty's house to find out the truth about her but before they could, but later Loopy interrupts everything.


  • Although there is evidence that each of the boys like her the most, Pororo is the one to like Petty.

Video Edit

Pororo S2 36 Petty likes me the most

Pororo S2 36 Petty likes me the most