Pipi is a purple alien who first appeared in Popo and Pipi, alongside Popo.

Looks Edit

She is a purple alien with a yellow face, large white eyes with black pupils, and five yellow limbs below her body, which can be used for arms and legs.

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Season 3 Edit

In "Pop and Pipi", she first appears with her brother when Pororo's plane crashed into their UFO, and then the UFO crash-landed near the forest. When she comes out of the UFO along with Popo, most of Pororo's friends ran away from them as they think they are scary monsters. Pororo introduces them, and Pipi hits Popo, turning him around, but stops afterwards. Popo and Pipi started to have cookies, and they really think it is yummy.

In "Everything looks amazing", Pipi and Popo are seen trying to fix the UFO twice, but it didn't work. When Popo and Pipi got hungry, they went to Loopy's house, and no one was inside when they entered. They started to eat cookies, and when Popo tasted the paintbrush, he thinks it doesn't taste good, and spits into Pipi's face. Popo apologized, but Pipi continues to fight with Popo, and has been hurt a few times in the head until Pororo's friends notice Loopy's house was a mess. They started to clean the house along with Pororo's friends, and Pipi noticed a sprayer, which sprayed on Poby, Eddy, and Popo. When Popo sprayed on Pipi, she spun around.

In "Princess Loopy", she reappears while waiting for the cookies. She and Popo were guards in the story, and took away the guests that have the most uninteresting things.

Pororo Sing Along Show Edit

She and Popo replaced the aliens in the series.

Voiced by Edit

Korean Edit

  • Kim Seo-yeong
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