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Poby is a major character in Pororo the Little Penguin.


Poby is a polar bear that resides out by a glacier. Poby is the largest of all the cast and has a very gentle nature. He enjoys fishing and photography and does most of the village chores.


In season 1, Poby does not wear any type of clothes or is bare. But in season 2, he wears blue overalls. In Season 3-NEW2, Poby wears a white T-shirt with light blue short sleeves and navy blue pants.


Season 1

Poby is the largest character among the group. He doesn't wear any type of clothes like the others. Poby likes helping out his friends when they need something, playing with them, and fishing.

Season 2

In Season 2, Poby wears jeans overalls. He is one of the characters with full clothing in Season 2. In, "I Envy You", Pororo and Crong were envious of Poby because of his height and strength. In "What's this smell?", Poby gets a gas problem because of eating too much.

Season 3

In Season 3 forward, Poby wears a white shirt with light blue short sleeves and navy blue pants. Even though he wears a green shirt and colored-cream pants for the first seven episodes of Season 3. In "Flying Poby", Poby says that he wants to fly. So, Tong-Tong helps him fly but instead Poby becomes inflated like a large, round balloon. However, Pororo helps Poby deflate to original size. Poby sneezes and farts to slow down abd the air gets out from his body. In "Got a cold?", Poby was thought of getting a cold because of some pepper goes into his nose. In "Fun Picnic", Poby broke his leg due to rushing.

Season 5

Poby appears to have a slow nature in "It’s OK to Be a Little Slow". In the episode "Dreams Gone Bad" it is revealed that Poby still wants to fly, at least in his dreams.

Voiced by




  • Ben Joshua




  • "Hi! My name is Poby." (It's All Right)
  • "I have to get ready." (It's All Right)
  • "It's getting really late. We should go to bed right now." (I Love Singing)
  • "Come on in! We’ve been waiting for you!" (Little Cooks)
  • "You! Uh... I won't forgive you!" (The Dragon Comes to Town)



Poby and Pororo are good friends. One time, Poby helps Pororo get his fishing rod, he also has helped him many times. In "To Tell The Truth....", Pororo forgives Poby for pushing a snowball at him.


Poby and Crong are good friends. One time, Poby helped Crong find Pororo when he is missing. Another time, Poby also helped him find his missing toy.


Poby and Loopy are good friends. One time, Poby saves Loopy's cactus from dying. They also help each other and Poby also remarks that Loopy's cooking is very delicious.


Poby and Eddy are good friends. One day, Eddy wants to make Poby happy, but he failed and Poby forgave him. Poby also visited his house many times and loved his experiments.


Petty and Poby are good friends. When Petty first came to Porong Porong Forest, Poby greeted her and also had a crush on Petty. Petty also says that Poby is good at fishing while Petty is good at sports.


Harry and Poby are good friends, even though they sometimes argue. Sometimes, Harry left home because Poby wants peace and quiet. He, along with Poby went to Summer Island when their boat crashed. They explored and found new friends who were monkeys.


Although they are not seen interacting a lot, they don't mind keeping each other company.

Tong Tong

Tong Tong and Poby are good friends. Tong Tong once made Poby fly but failed. Luckily, Tong Tong keeps trying to change him back again and again.

Popo and Pipi

Although they are not seen interacting a lot, they don't mind keeping each other company.

Tu Tu

Although they are not seen interacting a lot, they don't mind keeping each other company.


  • He is the eldest of the cast.
  • Whenever Poby listens to music, he mostly listens to classical music.
  • In the Polish dubbing of the series, his name was changed to "Tobik".
  • When voiced by Bob Gardiner for Season 2, he sounds very much like Bigbo from Sealoo and Friends or Daru from Alloo's Little World.
  • His favorite songs are Three Bears (mentioned in A Day of Pororo's Town), P-O-B-Y (mentioned in Eddy and Telescope), and Hulala Polka.
  • In the episode "Eddy's Secret", he can play the violin.
  • In the sing-along series, he can also play the drums (most episodes), the cornet (Season 2, "Hahaha Hohoho" only), and the French horn (Season 2 (HD remake), "Hahaha Hohoho" only).
  • Poby has a crush on both Petty and Loopy.
  • In some episodes, he is referred to as just a bear. In other episodes, he is referred to as a polar bear.
  • He is the second character to break the fourth wall. The first was Pororo.
  • In "Got a Cold?", it is revealed that he has Trypanophobia (scared of injections).
  • His best friend is Harry.
  • He is similar to Baymax from Big Hero 6.
  • Poby is one of the four characters who spoiled the air, the rest are Crong, Pororo and Loopy.


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