"I love to play all day. Come join me, all my friends!" - Pororo in the theme song for Seasons 1 and 2


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"We're friends!"






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Pororo is the main protagonist of the Pororo the Little Penguin franchise, who appears in almost every episode in the series. He also appears in Pororo Singalong, as one of the main characters.


Pororo is a little penguin that marks him as the titular character of the cast of friends and is the leader of the group. As remarked by the narrator, he is shown to be curious. He often gets into various types of mischief with his friends, which includes trying to fly and playing practical pranks on his friends. He also can have a rivalry with Crong and Eddy sometimes. Pororo resides in a pine-tree house with Crong, his dinosaur friend and adopted little brother. He has a crush on Petty. Loopy admires him and tends to like him more than a 'friend'. Petty is his 'Dancing Partner' in the Dance Festival with the dance "Freeze in your Position" (Pororo Singalong). In the third season, Loopy tells a tale about Pororo will marry Loopy, but Pororo denied and replies with "But I want to marry beautiful Princess Petty!". Pororo is also good friends with Eddy, but is also his friendly rival. 


Pororo is a cute gentoo penguin who wears a tan aviator's helmet and orange goggles. Starting with the third season, he begins to wear a blue jumpsuit, an orange bandana, gold gloves, and a yellow racing helmet, with the letter P on top.


Season 1

In "We're friends!", Pororo wanted to make a snowman, but found a egg and brought it with him into his house to make an omelet. When Pororo wanted to break an egg, unfortunately, because of the hatched egg with the dinosaur Crong. A monster scares Pororo and he runs away. Crong not realizing what makes Pororo run,he runs off after him. As a result, Pororo understands that Crong is a harmless creature.

In "It's All Right", Pororo visited Poby's house, and played with the ball, until it hit the shelf and Poby's camera is broken, by accident. Pororo and his friends fixed Poby's camera.

Season 3

Starting from Season 3, his outfit changes. He has a yellow racing helmet with a blue stripe and an orange letter ''P'' in the middle, an orange bandana, golden gloves, and a blue jumpsuit. Both him and Petty gain thumbs and grow slightly.

Voiced by




  • Michael Rerschings (Season 1-present, current voice)


  • Kalle Göjarena-Bleusevi ( Season 1-Present , Singalong )
  • Priit Võigemast ( Pororo the Little Penguin: The Racing Adventure )


Latin Spanish


  • Uline Igorova (Series)
  • Anatoliy Zinovenko (Pororo the Little Penguin: The Racing Adventure)


  • Andhika Pratama


  • "Hi, I'm Pororo!" ("We're friends!"; first quote from the show)
  • "I found it! Ha ha ha! [♪ Playing recorder ♪]" (A Magic Flute)
  • "Crong, you naughty little boy!" (Pororo scolding Crong for being naughty)
  • "[screaming] What's all this?!" ("Is Pororo Sick?")
  • "Yippeeeee!!!" (various episodes that feature him doing any snow sport)
  • "Ha ha ha! We were trying to surprise Petty after finishing the house." ("Petty's House")
  • "Woo-hoo!!!" (most times, when he goes snowboarding, sled racing or skiing)
  • "Ha ha ha. Now I can fly! Wahoo!!" ("I Can Fly!")
  • "AH-HA!! Loopy's knitting a muffler for me!" ("Loopy's Gift")
  • "Ugh! Hey!!! Why did you do that?!" ("Crong the Troublemaker")
  • "HELP! HELP ME! HELP ME!" ("Watch Out, Pororo")
  • "Really? [giddly] Yay! Ha ha ha ha!" ("To Tell the Truth...")
  • "Yes! Here I go!" ("Dream of Flying")
  • "I wish I could fly!" ("Dream of Flying")
  • "CROOOOOOOOONG! [taps his foot] Who?! Did?! All?! This?!" ("Is Pororo Sick?")
  • "Ewww! CRONG! [growls]" ("I Am Not a Bed-Wetter")
  • "CRONG!!!!" (most times)
  • "Crong, you!" ("Crong's First Word")
  • "Crong, don't scribble all over." ("Is Pororo Sick?") (US version)
    • "Crong, please do not doodle all over again." ("Is Pororo Sick?") (UK version)
  • "You are such a troublemaker, it won't be funny than next time!" ("Crong, I'm Sorry")



At first, Pororo thinks Crong is a scary monster and runs away from him, but after a while, they slowly became friends and Pororo adopts him as a little brother. They also can have a little rivalry sometimes, as shown in "Crong The Troublemaker", "A Day In Pororo's Town", and most episodes, but they always get along in the end.


Loopy and Pororo are good friends. One time, Pororo made Loopy cry, but they made up for each other in the end. Pororo, along with Eddy are always tying for her attention until Petty came. She also admires him a lot and tends him more than a friend. She also goes to Pororo's house and brings him and Crong deserts.


Eddy and Pororo are good friends. They also had some rivalries sometimes, as shown in some episodes. One time, Eddy thinks that Pororo touches his snowman and made a fight with him. One time, Eddy gets revenge on Pororo by making the others think that Pororo is the one who is being mean to them, but they also get along friendly.


Poby and Pororo are good friends. One time, Poby helps Pororo get his fishing rod, he also has helped him many times. In "To Tell The Truth....", Pororo forgives Poby for pushing a snowball at him.


Petty and Pororo have a lot in common. They are the same age and species. Petty is also Pororo's female best friend. He also has a crush on her (mentioned in the episode Petty, the Great Storyteller). Petty is also his 'Dancing Partner' in the Dance Festival with the dance "Freeze in your Position" (Pororo Singalong). In the third season, Loopy tells a tale about Pororo will marry Loopy, but Pororo denied and replies with "But I want to marry beautiful Princess Petty!".


Harry and Pororo are good friends. Pororo often teases Harry for being too small, but Pororo and Harry also get along well and Harry also greets him when he saw Pororo.


Rody and Pororo do not interact a lot, but they don't mind keeping each other company. In "We Are Good Friends", they worked together and became close.

Tong Tong

Pororo and Tong Tong are good friends. One time, they thought of a plan to rescue Poby and the others. He also looked for his clock with Pororo one time.

Popo and Pipi

Although they are not seen interacting a lot, they don't mind keeping eaching other company.


Tu-Tu and Pororo are good friends. He once went with him to save Eddy.


  • His favorite songs include the series 1 and 2's theme song (Always Happy as Can Be) and Row Row Row your Boat.
  • Besides doing Pororo's season 5 voice, Monique Dami Lee later voiced Tayo from Tayo The Little Bus, another popular Korean children's show.
  • When he is voiced by Anna Paik for Season 1, he sounds very much like the title character in Cocomong, Hearty in Pom Pom Friends or Tao in Little Wizard Tao.
  • When he is voiced by Samia Mounts for Season 2, his voice sounds 1 1/2 step higher than the previous season, and is probably the highest-pitched Pororo voice.
  • When he is voiced by Bommie Han for Season 3, 4 and 6, he sounds very much like Lenny from Pom Pom Friends or Sealoo from Sealoo and Friends, but a step higher to match his playful personality.
  • When he is voiced by Monique Dami Lee for Season 5, he sounds like a voice mix of Sun Woo-Min from Flowering Heart, Tayo from Tayo the Little Bus, and Piggy from Duda and Dada.
  • Originally, Pororo was going to be called "Peter", but the show's creator, Choi Jong Il, would call him "Pororo" and that name suited the penguin. 
  • He is sometimes a troublemaker, as revealed in We're friends! and other episodes, due to his behaviour.
  • He sometimes forgets to go to the toilet and wets the bed, as shown in "I'm Not a Bed-Wetter!".
  • He dreams of becoming a pilot one day, flying high in the sky, as mentioned in the song, "For Sure" (Pororo Singalong).
  • In the episode "A Magic Flute", he can play the recorder.
  • In the sing-along series, he can also play the electric guitar.
  • He is very mean to Loopy by saying she is a "slowpoke" in a few Season 1 (HD) episodes and "Loopy's Secret Friend".
  • He sometimes cannot control his temper, but he learns that life is a challenge for him but makes it more fun.
  • He is the first character to break the fourth wall.
  • His best friend is Crong or Eddy, while his best female friend and crush is Petty.
  • Pororo is one of the four characters who spoiled the air, the rest are Crong, Poby and Loopy.
  • Both Loopy and Petty had a crush on him, as shown in "Loopy and Petty's Eventful Night".


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