Pororo’s in Danger
Season 4, Episode 8
Air date March 22, 2012
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Pororo's in Danger — eight episode of the fourth season animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

The episode begins on a sunny day at Pororo's. He decides to wake up Crong, but no avail. So, he decides to go outside. Suddenly, it started snowing. Pororo is up on the mountains seeing the weather. He starts to have fun snowboarding. Later on, the weather was really bad. Crong wakes up to find out that Pororo is missing. He imagines that Pororo is in danger. So he calls Tu-tu, Eddy, and Rody for help. Eddy builds Tu-tu wheel pedals for the snow. Eddy, Tu-tu and Crong leave Rody behind. Pororo is taking a walk and notices it is too windy and goes to Poby's house. He sees Harry, Poby, and Petty playing "Pile the Blocks". Pororo decides to play with them. Meanwhile, Crong, Eddy, and Tu-tu were looking for Pororo, but no sign of him. All of a sudden, Tu-tu's wheel gets stuck in the snow. Eddy and Crong help him get unstuck. An avalanche starts falling down. The three friends jump on a cliff and realize they are stuck and the other edge. Moments later, it stopped snowing. Pororo finshes playing the blocks. Suddenly, Poby sneezes, which causes the blocks to fall over. The four friends suddenly got hungry and they decide to go to Loopy's house for lunch. Rody looks for Poby, Harry, and Petty, but they are not here. After finishing Loopy's food, they went to the playground. Rody finally finds Pororo and tells him that the others are in danger because of him. Pororo and Rody find the other friends on the edge. Rody stretches his arms, so the others can get across. Eddy and Crong were relieved that Pororo was safe. Pororo tells them about what he did today, which makes Crong and Eddy mad and chase him.


Pororo S4 08 Pororo's in Danger

Pororo S4 08 Pororo's in Danger

Pororo Decides to go up the mountains sking

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