Pororo Singalong (Pororo Sing Along Show in the HD remakes) also known as Pororo Nursery Rhymes is a spinoff of Pororo the Little Penguin. It features Pororo and his friends singing different kinds of songs, mostly original songs written for the spin-off series as well as traditional tunes and rhymes.

In the first and second seasons of this spin-off series, Pororo and his friends use their designs from the second season of Pororo the Little Penguin, but starting in the third season and the HD remakes of the previous two seasons, they start to use their third season designs.

Overall Edit

Pororo and his friends invite children to sing songs, all heavily inspired from original songs (e.g. "Playing with Numbers" and "Para Pam") and famous nursery rhymes (e.g. "Ribbit Frog" and "Lovely Baby Bear"). Come along and sing and dance with Pororo and his friends in this musical series!

Episodes / Songs Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. Ribbit Frog
  2. Good Morning
  3. Hide and Seek
  4. Playing with Numbers
  5. Rainbow
  6. Naughty Boy
  7. Good Child
  8. For Sure
  9. Ding Dong Dang
  10. Para Pam
  11. It's Alright
  12. Mommy Pig, Baby Pig
  13. Lovely Baby Bear

Season 2 Edit

  1. Little Musician
  2. Animal Farm [tune: Old MacDonald]
  3. Fly Fly Fly
  4. Hahaha Hohoho [tune: Can-Can (Offenbach)]
  5. A Lovely World
  6. Pinocchio
  7. The Whale Song
  8. The Veggie Land Trio
  9. Sweet Sweet Dream
  10. Do Not Move
  11. Blue Land
  12. Our Parents Do Not Know
  13. Vroom Vroom Vroom [tune: Chopsticks (Allen)]

Season 3 Edit

  1. My Friends, the Pororo Band
  2. Hiccup Waltz
  3. One Day Trip
  4. Porong Exercise
  5. Fluffy Clouds
  6. Tick Tock Tick Tock My Clock
  7. Spring Summer Autumn Winter
  8. Softly Softly Sleep
  9. Superhero Pororo
  10. I Wonder Who Lives There
  11. Tap Tap Drip Drip
  12. Hulala Hula
  13. Roly Poly Friends

Credits (Original Version) Edit

Executive Producers Edit

  • Choi Jong Il
  • Kim Il-Ho
  • Heather Chung

Producers Edit

  • Shin Chang-Hwan
  • Kim Jong Se
  • Ko Bong-Gi
  • Thomas Nam

Director Edit

  • Lum Jun-Suk

Writers Edit


Storyboards Edit

  • Choi Hyeon-Mung
  • Ko Se-yoon
  • Park Seong-eun
  • Park Young-hwan
  • Jeon Sang-ah

Line Producer Edit

  • Woo Sung-Yeop

Art Direction Edit

  • Choi Sang-hyun

3D Production Manager Edit

  • Lee Sung-yon

3D Modeling, Mapping and Layout Artists Edit

  • Hong Young-Mi
  • Son Doo-Ri
  • Jung Joa Jin

Design Edit

  • Kang Do-Hoon

Lead Animators Edit

  • Jin Byeong Goon
  • Lee Seong-Yun
  • Park Weon-Ho

Animation Team Edit

  • Kim Tae-Hoon
  • Lim Hyeon-Jeong
  • Son Sook-Hyeon
  • Na Hye-Jin
  • Shim Jeong-Min
  • Lee Soo-Jin
  • Lee Jae Hwa
  • Yang Sung-Bok
  • Yoon Seong-Bo
  • Shin Hyeon-Sik
  • Yeom Seong Il
  • Kang Chang Bae
  • Lee Hyo Jeong
  • Hong Eun-Young
  • Lee Jeong-Eun

Mapping, Lighting and Rendering Effects Edit

  • Kim Yeong Sook
  • Moon Seong-Ho
  • Yoo Jeong Bae
  • Kim Joo-Hee
  • Jung Woo-Cheul
  • Lee Sang-Mi

Composite and Editing Edit

  • Park Hyun-Kook
  • Lee Soon-Woo
  • Kim Jee-Kyung

Animatic Edit

  • Kim Hyeon-Ho

Marketing Managers Edit

  • Jung Mi-Kyung
  • Derek Lee

Marketing Edit

  • Kim Won-Jeong
  • Seo Hyeon-Su
  • Bang Jeong-Hwan
  • Yoo Chang Sun
  • Paul Lee
  • Shin Hyun-Deok

Production Accounting Edit

  • Lee Sang-don
  • Choi Joung-Soon

Purchase and Relocation Edit

  • Jung Hyun-Jun

Systematic Managing Edit

  • Lee Chui

Korean Voice Credits Edit

English Voice Credits Edit

Dubbing Producer Edit

  • Choi Ji-Hyeon

Dubbing Engineers Edit

  • Kim Hwan-Yong

Songs by Edit

English Song Lyrics Edit

  • Gaynor Ellen Keiles

Music Direction Edit

  • Park Hee-joon

Music and Arrangements Edit

The Music is Played With the Following Music Hardware and Software: Edit

  • Kurzweil K2000/K2000 VAST Player
  • Roland SR-JV 80 Sound Expansion Series
  • Roland SRX Series
  • Roland Sound Expansion Module Series
  • Vienna Instruments Special Edition

Sound Effects Edit

  • Lee So-Hyeon
  • Kim Sung-Ryui

Technical Direction Edit

  • Lee Hong-Sik

Technicians Edit

  • Jung Ho-Sung
  • Shin Dong-In

Associated Studios Edit

  • Cornerstone, Inc.
  • Samcholi General Corporation

Production Edit

  • Hanarotelecom, Inc.
  • OCON Studios
  • EBS
  • Miracle Enterprises, Ltd.
  • Korea Culture and Content Agency

Credits (Season 3 and NEW1 and 2) Edit

Executive ProducersEdit

  • Han Seong-Ho
  • Kim Hyeong-soon
  • Lee Woo-jin
  • Seong Bo-kyeing
  • Shin Dong-jin
  • Hwang Woo-jin
  • Lee soo-yeon
  • Studio Gale
  • Side 9
  • Art Plus M


  • Choi Jong Il
  • Shin Chang Hwan
  • Cheon Yeong-kuyn

Animation SupervisionEdit

  • Choi Jong Il
  • Kim Il-ho

Animation DirectionEdit

  • Shin Chang-hwan

Financial DirectionEdit

  • Kim Jing-hwan


  • Choi Jong-il


  • Park Seong-eun
  • Kim Chae-eun
  • Kim Cheong-hyeon

Art DirectionEdit

  • Ryu Jeong-woo
  • Lee Hye-weon
  • Cheong Mi-kyung

Character Models and Background DesignEdit

  • Lee Do-kyeong
  • Kang Chee-eun
  • Shin Shi-eol

Animation SupervisorEdit

  • An Ji-min

Technical DirectionEdit

  • Kim Hui-seong

Animation Set-upEdit

  • Choi Joon-hoo
  • Jeong Chi-hoon
  • Park Ji-ho

Computer Graphics Edit

  • Lim Tae-shik



Dubbing Edit

  • Kim Rae-kyeong

Songs by Edit

English Song Lyrics Edit

  • Margeret Chung

Music and Arrangements Edit

The Music Will Be Played With the Following Music Hardware and Software: Edit

  • Yamaha Montage8
  • KeyScape by Spectrasonics
  • Trilian Virtual Bass by Spectrasonics
  • Kontakt 5

Guitarist Edit

  • Chang Chae-hoon

Music Editor Edit

  • Cheong Ho-jin

Music Mix and Master Edit

  • Kang Hye-koo

Sound Production Edit

  • Kim Ji-hui
  • Yoo Byeong-wook

Recording and Mix Edit

  • Kim Hak-joo
  • Ryu Jong wook

Created By Edit

  • EBS

Trivia Edit

  • Some songs like Ribbit Frog and Para Pam can be heard in some episodes of Pororo the Little Penguin.
  • The theme song written for the spin-off is "Let's Sing Together with Pororo".
  • The 1st and 2nd seasons use UK English/British voices and Season 2 looks, while the 3rd season and the HD remakes of the previous 2 use the USA English voices and their current looks.
  • The original versions of the 1st and 2nd seasons use Kurzweil K2000/K2000 VAST Player, Roland SR-JV80 Sound Expansion Series, SRX Series and Sound Expansion Module series and VSL Special Edition synths (according to Park Hee-joon and Choi EuiKyung), while the HD remakes of the 1st and 2nd seasons (as well as season 3) use Yamaha Montage 8, Trilian, Kontakt and KeyScape synths (according to Dong Min-Ho and Heo Na-yoon).
  • The British voices for the original versions of first 2 seasons of the spin-off include:
    • Emma Tate (Pororo, Petty, Eddy)
    • Jo Wyatt (Loopy)
    • Gillie Robic (Crong, Harry)
    • Keith Wickham (Poby)
    • Richard Ridings (Dragon; Whale)
    • David Mitchell (Aliens; Eddy's Robots)
    • Jade Yourell (Piggy; Pinocchio)
    • Maria Darling (Toy Rabbit; Singer)
    • Michael Offei (Toy Pirates)
    • Gary Jordan (Toy Bear)
    • Penni Tovey (Cuckoo Bird)
    • John Hasler (Narrator)
  • The USA English voices for HD remakes of the first 2 seasons of this spin-off include:
  • The episodes of the HD remakes of seasons 1 and 2 upload every Saturday, sometimes Friday, on afternoons and evenings on YouTube, along with the Eddy The Clever Fox episodes which upload on mornings, according to the official YouTube channel.
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