Pororo the Little Penguin: The Racing Adventure
Season Movie, Episode 2
Air date January 24, 2013 (Korea)
Directed by 김일호
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Pororo the Little Penguin: The Racing Adventure (뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로 슈퍼썰매 대모험 Porong Porong Pororo Super Sled Adventure) is the second official movie for the Pororo the Little Penguin series.

Plot Edit

The episode begins as two Super Sled Racing competitors finish a Super Sled Race. As the race ends, Pororo, Crong, Loopy, Petty, Poby and Harry all declare themselves first. The scene immediately switches to Pororo's house, revealing that they were only acting and were watching a TV commercial on that year's Super Sled Race in Northpia, which happens in one week. Eddy then comes in (equipped with two extra robotic hands behind him), and takes them to a hill so they can try out the Mini-Super Sleds that he had prepared. Specially for Pororo, Eddy inserts a lollipop fuel which starts Pororo's engine, causing him to zoom past all the others. Pororo launches off a slope, and is forced to eject. Unfortunately, the Mini-Super Sled flies into Toto and Mango's plane, which contains the Prize Super Sled which will be awarded to the winning team of the Northpia race. As the plane crashes, Toto immediately gets on the Prize Super Sled in an attempt to stop it from drifting away. Meanwhile, a major mishap occurs (resulting in an accidental, embarrasing kiss between Pororo and Crong), and as Toto steps out of the Prize Super Sled, Pororo and the others think he is a Super Sled champion because of the delivery champion medal he had.

The gang is in a garage (which appears to be Tu-Tu's former garage), and as Eddy explains to Mango that repairing the plane will take a week, Toto takes advantage of Pororo and his friends' thoughts and lies that he is a racing champion (as Mango explains to Eddy that he's lying.). Everyone except Eddy and Mango who are repairing the plane begins training with Toto. In the middle of practicing actual racing with barrels, Crong, scared, gets on top of Pororo, causing the two to jump up and perform a 360 degree slope jump. On the sixth day, the trainees see a shower of shooting stars and pray to become champions.



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