Pororo to the cookie castle cover

Pororo to the Cookie Castle (Korean: 뽀로로의 대모험 (rom. Pororo eui Dae-mo-heom; lit. Pororo's Grand Adventure to the Cookie Castle)) is a 2004 feature film and is the first official movie for the Pororo the Little Penguin series.

Synopsis Edit

When Pororo finds out Santa is sick and can't make the trip to Cookie Castle, Pororo and his friends put their heads together to make sure it is a special Christmas for children all over the world. An adventure to Santa's village is in order! Come join Pororo and friends on an adventure to help Santa and defeat the interruptions of Winter Witch and Count Chocolato!

Characters Present Edit

  • Pororo
  • Eddy
  • Poby
  • Loopy
  • Crong
  • Count Chocolato
  • Winter Witch
  • The Princess of the Cookie Castle
  • Duke
  • The King of the Cookie Castle
  • Santa Claus
  • The Cookie Castle Guards and Royal Service

Featured Song Edit

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