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As displayed on the pages above, our wiki has certain rules and guidelines. If a user goes against these (deliberately or accidentally), this is usually the order of consequence:

  • You will receive a warning.
  • The second time, you will be blocked for a short time.
  • The third time, you will be banned permanently. You will be permitted to visit as much as you like and vote on the polls, but you will be forbidden from contributing.
  • Admins have the right to ban permanently the first time depending on the severity of the situation.
  • If you have been given an administrator warning, please do not delete it from your Message Wall under any circumstances. This will make it harder for the administration team to keep track of how many warnings the person has received over the course of his/her stay on the wiki, should another one be needed. In addition, it also proves that you are denying your wrongdoings.
    • You will also receive a separate warning if the message is deleted.

Reporting a User

  • If you see something's not right about a user, or if someone's vandalizing pages, please report this to WillMystery or Cutiesunflower. They will take it from here.
  • Have a fun time on the wiki. Always happy, as can be, Porong-porong-porong-porong PO! RO! RO!
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