Ribbit Frog (also known as The Frog for short and in the HD remake) is the first episode as well as the song that appeared in the Pororo Singalong series.

Episode Plot Edit

Harry hosts the Pororo Band as the concert begins. Harry introduces the members -- Loopy on the piano, Petty on the violin, Pororo on the electric guitar, Eddy on the xylophone, Crong on the trumpet, Poby on the drums, and Harry, as the leader and conductor. He leads the gang into the song, but then Eddy belts it off tune. Harry suggests that they play a "better" version, with a happier twist.

Song Lyrics Edit






Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit frog
Singing through the night
Everyone in his family
Singing all along

Though no one listens to the tune
They sing happily
Carrying their song gently
Singing it till dawn

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit frog
Singing through the night
Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit frog
Sings so merrily!

HD RemakeEdit

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit frog
Sings a happy song
The whole family gathers
Singing right along

They keep singing through the night
But no one listens
La-la-la-la, they go on
Till daylight glistens

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit frog
Sings a happy song
Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit frog
They can sing real strong!

Korean Lyrics Edit

Korean Korean Romanization English Translation

개굴개굴 개구리 노래를 한다
아들손자 며느리 다 모여서
밤새도록 하여도 듣는 이 없네
듣는사람 없어도 날이 밝도록
개굴개굴 개구리 노래 부른다
개굴개굴 개구리 목청도 좋다!

Gae-gul gae-gul, gaeguri, no-rae reul-han-da
Ah-deul-son-ja myeo-neu-li da-mo-yeo-seo
Bam-sae-do-rok ha-yeo-do deut-neun yo-eob't-ne
Dued-neun-saram eob't-eo-do nal-ee bahk-do-rog
Gae-gul gae-gul, gaeguri, no-rae bu-reun-da
Gae-gul gae-gul, gaeguri, mog-chang-do jo-da

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit frog, he sings a happy tune.
Everyone in his clan, joins into the tune.
In the evening, the nightingales never hear him sing.
And even the people never hear him sing, too.
Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit frog, he sings a happy tune.
Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit frog, he sings with delight.

Key Change Edit

  • C major

Trivia Edit

  • When Harry introduces each member of the band, each character plays a portion of the series' theme song ("Always Happy As Can Be"; "Hello, Friends" in the HD remake).
  • In one part of the song, when rehearsing, Eddy sings the final words ("Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit frog / Sings so merrily!") off tune.
  • Harry sings this song in some episodes of the main series, for this is one of Harry’s favorite songs. 
  • This is the first Singalong episode to have the gang play instruments.  
  • The Korean title of the song translates to "The Frog".  
  • Each character of the band plays a different instrument:
    • Loopy plays the piano.
    • Petty plays the violin.
    • Pororo plays the electric guitar.
    • Eddy plays the xylophone.
    • Crong plays the trumpet.
    • Poby plays the drums.
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