Vital statistics
Title Robot
Gender Boy
Race Robot
Status Alive
Location Eddy's House, Rody's House
Rody (voiced by Jeong Mi-sook) is one of the main characters of Pororo the Little Penguin. Rody invites the cast in the third season. He is the second character who does not appear in Seasons 1-2.

Personality Edit

Originally lives with Eddy for a time, but given his tremendous strength and lack of social skills it becomes impractical for Rody to continue living there. As a result, Eddy later builds him his own house nearby; a large oval shaped structure made of thick sheet metal. Fiercely loyal and obedient, he is often grateful for any kind gestures the gang bestows upon him.

Looks Edit

Rody is a yellow robot who Eddy tried to build him and invites Pororo and friends in the third season. He has catlike ears, a permanent grin, and he can stretch his arms and legs.

Bio Edit

Season 3Edit

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