Samia Mounts, professionally known as Samia XI [pronounced "Samia the Eleventh"] (born 1982 as Samia Michelle Mounts in New York, USA) is a voice actress who plays the English dubbed voice of Pororo for Season 2 of Pororo the Little Penguin. Mounts' voices range in a wide variety of hilarious character voices, from little kids to cackling octogenarians.

Mounts was born into a military family in Germany and raised on an army post in Seoul, Korea. She began singing at a very early age and gave her first live performance for an audience of 500 when she was only 5. She began writing her own songs soon after and has never stopped. Music has always been her first passion and greatest love.

Mounts graduated from the Boston Conservatory and became an actress and singer as an adult. She first got a voice-over start on anime as her first in her acting credentials, including Pokémon (as the voices of Jigglypuff, Sierra, Billy Jo and the Douse Drive Genesect), and also voiced a couple of other roles.

Mounts is also a highly versatile singer, with a vocal range spanning many musical styles, from R&B to musical theatre to rock, under Samia XI, with her Korea-based band.

Mounts is currently in Seoul, Korea, where she has a fully equipped professional studio (where she recorded Pororo's voice there) whose fee is included in her rates, and most recently, Mounts and the team use Source Connect Now for remote recording with direction.

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