Season 6


Country of Origin South Korea
No. of Episodes 52
Original Channel EBS1
Original Run March 1, 2017 - May 25, 2017
Season Chronology
Previous Season 5
Next N/A

The sixth season of Pororo The Little Penguin was the sixth season of the series.

Episodes Edit

  1. We Love You, Rody
  2. Crong's Little Friend
  3. The Best Birthday Present
  4. Wake Up, Princess Petty
  5. Loopy's Camping Adventure
  6. Pororo, Crong! Please Don't Fight
  7. The Adventures on Summer Island 1
  8. The Adventures on Summer Island 2
  9. A Strange Echo
  10. I Don't Like Bad Dreams!
  11. Pororo The Great Pretender
  12. Our Playground
  13. We're Sorry, Loopy
  14. Eddy's Brave Venture
  15. Grumpy Pororo!
  16. The Porong Porong Talent Show!
  17. Super Eddy's Super Fiasco!
  18. Petty, the Great Storyteller
  19. Loopy the Nag
  20. Our Summer Island Friends Come Visit!
  21. Let's Go See The Shooting Stars!
  22. Rody and Tu-tu's Great Adventure
  23. Eddy's Trip to the Moon
  24. Petty and Harry's Special Cake
  25. Please Don't Go, Crong!
  26. We're Off to See the Wizard

Trivia Edit

  • This is the season to start having Anna Desmarais voice Petty and Eddy, Anna Paik voice Loopy and Tu-Tu, Nancy Kim voice Harry, Matthew Anipen voice Poby and the narrator, Josh Schwartzentruber as Rody, John Lee as Tong Tong, while Bommie Han still voices Pororo here and Lee Mi-Ja still voices Crong in both the English and Korean versions.
  • This is also the season to start using the Yamaha Montage 8, Trilian, Kontakt and KeyScape music synthesizers for the underscore, according to composers Dong Min-Ho and Heo Na-yoon; the same goes for Season 1 (HD) and the HD remakes of the first and second seasons of the Singalong spinoff.
  • This season has a new title sequence with snow angel-making, skiing, building snowman and more dancing. Something similar like this will be its new title sequence for Season 2 (HD).
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