Thanks, Harry!
Season 2, Episode 21
Thanks, Harry!
Air date February 11, 2006
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Thanks, Harry! — twenty-first episode of the second season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Pororo and friends went on a picnic on a train. On their arrival, Pororo and Crong went to find firewood, Eddy and Poby started to build an ice house, and Loopy and Petty started to prepare food. Harry wishes he could help but he is too small to do anything. A snow blizzard breaks out and Pororo and Crong still didn't come back from gathering firewood. Harry flies through the blizzard to find his friends…

Trivia Edit


Blooper from Сrong

  • GOOF:When the train starts to go, Сrong's train coach has Pororo's nameplate on it. His name appears on the car when the train stops.
  • GOOF:When the scene is between the forest and the train Harry is in front of poby but in the next scene he is gone
  • GOOF:Sticks are not heavy or ice they are light things
  • GOOF:before the scene changes petty and loopy bounce up from the coaches
  • GOOF: once they sing ribbit frog loopys mouth is not moving when they sing the 2nd note

Video Edit

Pororo S2 21 Thanks, Harry!

Pororo S2 21 Thanks, Harry!