The Dragon comes to town
Season 2, Episode 41
The Dragon comes to town
Air date April 22, 2006
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The Dragon comes to town is the forty-first episode of Season 2 from Pororo The Little Penguin.


The Dragon who became friends with Petty while she was lost in the forest, flies to Pororo village to see Petty. On his way, he finds Eddy and asks him the way to Petty's house. Eddy is shocked by the dragon, and without knowing that Petty and the dragon are friends, tells everyone that Petty's in danger. Pororo and friends go to save Petty from the dragon. What will happen between the dragon and friends?


  • This is the first time Dragon comes to the Porong Porong forest. He does it again the second time in Robot cook.
  • In the UK dub, it was renamed Hats Off to Mr. Dragon!.
  • The HD Version of this episode will have Dragon to be replaced by Tong-Tong.


Pororo S2 41 The Dragon comes to town

Pororo S2 41 The Dragon comes to town

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