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Introducing Myself

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Hello. I am WillMystery. I go by Will for short as my nickname. I am one of Pororo's biggest fans. I first watched the show when I was a little boy, and I watched it with DVD, then I watched a couple of episodes on YouTube, and this show is part of my childhood as well as one of my favourite TV Shows! I am also a huge Pororo x Petty and Eddy x Loopy shipper.

Some time afterwards, I stumbled upon this wiki, I took a look around, then I thought that I could help out. Now, because of what I've offered here ever since I joined, I am a bureaucrat and administrator on this wiki on August 28, 2020. As an admin, I definitely plan to help improve this wiki in any way I can. If there are any problems, questions, suggestions, or concerns that you might have, you can always contact me or any other administrators available. And don't be afraid to post on my Message Wall if you ever want to converse with me. I'm quite shy myself, but once you get to know me, I can be quite friendly and outgoing. Just try not to break any rules or cause any disruptions - I will get serious at those points. But don't worry, I won't act tough like Cassandra unless you really broke the rules.

My favourite character is Harry, and he always will be. About him, despite the fact that he is the smallest member of the gang, he is just so cute, and his squeaky voice... Awww! And the way he loses his temper... it is still adorable!

In conclusion, thanks for stopping by, and I hope to help out some more in the future!

Season 1 Favourite Episodes

  1. "We're friends!"
  2. "Smile, Smile, Smile!"
  3. "A Magic Flute"
  4. "To Tell the Truth..."
  5. "Train Adventure" (favourite episode in the season)

Season 2 Favourite Episodes

  1. "Hello, Friends"
  2. "My Name is Harry" (favourite episode in the season; as well as my favourite episode in the whole franchise)
  3. "I Love Singing"
  4. "I Can Fly" (2nd favourite episode in the whole franchise)
  5. "Petty's secret friend"

Season 3 Favourite Episodes

  1. "Everything looks amazing"
  2. "Watch out, Eddy!"
  3. "Petty and Nyao"
  4. "Strange Adventure"
  5. "Magic Potion" (favourite episode in the season)

Season 4 Favourite Episodes

  1. "Magical Glasses"
  2. "I Want to Be Good at Ice Skating, Too!"
  3. "Loopy's Secret Friend" (favourite episode in the season)
  4. "Harry and Summer Island"
  5. "A Meal Made for Loopy"

Season 5 Favourite Episodes

  1. "Just Be Honest"
  2. "Eddy's Riddle Game"
  3. "Real Courage" (favourite episode in the season)
  4. "Let's Put On a Play!"
  5. "We Want to Go to Space"

Season 6 Favourite Episodes

  1. "The Best Birthday Present" (favourite episode in the season)
  2. "Wake Up, Princess Petty"
  3. "Our Playground"
  4. "Petty, the Great Storyteller"
  5. "We're Off to See the Wizard"

Season 1 Least Favourite Episodes

  1. "What Happen to My Face!"
  2. "Can't I Have the Moon?"
  3. "Be Careful!"
  4. "Bonbon Box" (least favourite in the season)
  5. "Crong, I'm sorry"

Season 2 Least Favourite Episodes

  1. "Sailing in the Forest"
  2. "Who Did This?" (least favourite in the season)
  3. "I Am Not a Bed-Wetter"
  4. "Don't do that!"
  5. "Pig Pororo"

Season 3 Least Favourite Episodes

  1. "Toy plane" (least favourite in the season)
  2. "Clumsy magician"
  3. "Play with Crong"
  4. "Mischievous wind"
  5. "Eddy's Got The Cold"

Season 4 Least Favourite Episodes

  1. "Gigantic Crong"
  2. "The Butterfly Forest"
  3. "Sled Race"
  4. "Crong's Stomatch Pain"
  5. "Transformer Troubles" (least favourite in the season; as well as 2nd least favourite episode in the whole series)

Season 5 Least Favourite Episodes

  1. "We Are Good Friends
  2. "The Magic Sketchbook"
  3. "Crong and Harry Have Disappeared!" (least favourite in the season)
  4. "A Day With Wall Clock"
  5. "A Group Picture"

Season 6 Least Favourite Episodes

  1. "Pororo, Crong! Please Don't Fight"
  2. "I Don't Like Bad Dreams!"
  3. "Grumpy Pororo!" (least favourite in the season; as well as my least favourite episode in the whole series)
  4. "Loopy the Nag"
  5. "Eddy's Trip to the Moon


  • I also watch PJ Masks, Vampirina, Big Hero 6 and Tangled: The Series.
  • I ship Pororo and Petty, and Eddy and Loopy.
  • I am a YouTuber and Gamer.
  • I am from Hong Kong, China.
  • My favourite Season from the show is Season 2.
  • I speak English, Cantonese, Korean and Mandarin.
  • I am a huge KPOP fan. I listen to BLACKPINK, Twice, SNSD, Itzy, MOMOLAND and OH MY GIRL.
  • I have two friends - Jaedon and Horace, who act like Pororo and Crong. Unlike them, the mostly get along.
  • I love seeing Pororo, Crong, Loopy, Eddy, Poby, Petty and Harry as a team, as well as adding Rody when Season 3 is out.
  • I always cry when I saw Pororo fly in the sky in “I Can Fly” because the show is my childhood and the part reminded me of it. This is also one of the reasons why Season 2 is my favourite season in the show.
  • My favourite fictional character is Cassandra from TTS.
    • I usually use her as my pfp.
  • Tangled: The Series is my favourite TV Show.
    • Pororo the Little Penguin is my second favourite.

My ranking of the show's seasons

  1. Season 2
  2. Season 1
  3. Season 3
  4. Season 6
  5. Season 4
  6. Season 5
  7. Season 1 (HD)

Please take note...



I am always active on FANDOM everyday. I am also an active user on this wiki. So, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. I will keep checking around the wiki to see everything is in faithful edit on when I'm free at the moment.

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