Virus are following me
Season 2, Episode 51
Virus are following me
Air date May 27, 2006
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Virus are following me — fifty-first episode of the second season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Pororo and friends are snow sleighing together. When Pororo and Crong return home, Pororo tells Crong to wash his hands, otherwise viruses will attack him. However, Crong doesn't listen to Pororo and falls asleep while Pororo goes to the bathroom. But someone keeps poking Crong while he's asleep. When he wakes up Crong finds viruses really attacking him! Crong remembers what Pororo told him before and washes himself in the bathroom. Will the viruses stop attacking Crong now?

Video Edit

Pororo S2 51 Virus is following me

Pororo S2 51 Virus is following me