"We're friends!"
Season 1, episode 1
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Air date November 27, 2003
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We're friends! is the very first episode of the Pororo the Little Penguin Series.


A little penguin named Pororo lived in a small forest village far in an snowy world called Porong Porong Village. While having fun playing in the woods and building a snowman, Pororo finds a mysterious egg. He brings it back to his house to eat it, but the egg starts to crack and a baby dinosaur, comes out. Pororo thinks the dinosaur is a flower and makes friends with him. He passed his friends they thought he was exercising they followed him. Poby fell in the mountain next by Eddy then Loopy. Pororo slides down too as he is often nice to the baby dinosaur. After they slid down, Pororo and friends introduced themselves to the baby dinosaur as the baby dinosaur introduced himself as Crong. Pororo and friends are glad to meet Crong.


  • Pororo (first appearance)
  • Crong (first appearance)
  • Loopy (first appearance)
  • Eddy (first appearance)
  • Poby (first appearance)


The episode begins with a curious little penguin named Pororo trying to build a snowman. He introduces himself to the viewers as he is rolling the snow. But as he rolled on top it, he accidentally fell and got rolled. When he is on the bottom of the hill, he found a mysterious egg, thinking that he can eat it.

After he came back home, he starts preparing to cook it, but the egg went straight and it hatches. There was a baby dinosaur who was inside. However, Pororo thinks that it was a scary monster and runs away, with the dinosaur chasing after him.

At the playground, Poby the polar bear is riding a slide, with Eddy the fox and Loopy the beaver waiting for him at the bottom. As Pororo came past them, they said hi to him and Pororo says hi back to them. Eddy questions him, asking what is he doing, as well as telling him to wait up. Poby, Loopy and Eddy also ran after him to the top of the mountain.

However, when Pororo saw Crong on the mountain, he was scared and almost bumped the others. When Crong accidentally bumped on Pororo, the others also fell down the mountain.

At the bottom of the mountain, Pororo and the others met Crong and introduces each other, as well as becoming best friends.


  • It's always nice to make new friends.


  • This is the very first episode in the series.
  • Pororo has a colored-tan aviator cap and orange goggles.
  • This episode marks the debut of Pororo, Crong, Poby, Eddy, and Loopy. In the HD version of this episode, they all wear clothes, except Crong.
  • This episode introduced Pororo and Crong.



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