We Want to Go to Space
Season 5, Episode 18
Air date April 22, 2014
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We Want to Go to Space — eighteenth episode of the fifth season animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Eddy is making a spaceship for a trip to space. The friends all want to go hoping for the one assistant seat on the ship. So each of Eddy's friends helps him so that he/she can go with Eddy. Pororo helps Eddy first by giving the stuff that he needs for the ship. Then, Loopy helps by giving Eddy some cookies. Crong gives his favorite toy in hope that he will go with Eddy. Petty shows some cool tricks to Eddy. Lastly, Poby and Harry cleans Eddy's house. The next day, all Eddy's friends are in the playground and realize that Eddy said to each of them that he/she can go with him. Everyone becomes mad at Eddy, so he makes some tests to see who gets to go with him. Pororo wins the physical challenge test by cheating, Poby wins the endurance test, and Loopy made a good job guessing what word Eddy is trying to tell about a Bird flying a Frog hopping a Horse galloping and a Penguin waddling. Being unable to decide who gets to go with him, Eddy finally remakes his ship so that all his friends can go with him.


Pororo S5 18 We Want To Go To Space

Pororo S5 18 We Want To Go To Space

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